$15 Computer in 5 Years?

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Robert Cringely’s latest article describes a company called Rolltronics, which intends to produce whole computers using a printing press-like technique. Fascinating concepts, and I wish I could share Cringely’s enthusiasm about them. Rolltronics’ Web page looks like it was constructed entirely to impress venture capitalists, although there is some interesting background there. I just don’t see this happening in five years. Maybe 20. Perhaps sooner, we’ll see this technology applied to handheld computers- I think it will fit in much better there than in the notebook field. Further, I know it sounds really cute, but I just don’t want a computer with a “keyboard page”. I already have an Atari 400 buried in my basement, and I would rather notebooks didn’t take a giant leap backward to join it. The one thing that really appeals to me is the possibility of thin-film batteries and displays. If these technologies were applied to my Sony VAIO notebook, they would solve its biggest problems: battery life and weight. That’s a notebook I’d like to see in five years, and I would be perfectly happy if it cost $1500. Update 1/20/2001: I wonder if this vaporware laptop, from the makers of the equally vaporous Phone-card Phone, is related in any way.

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