“WAP Stinks”

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The wireless Web apparently isn’t living up to its hype, in an unsurprising parallel with every other bit of Internet hype we’ve ever heard. This article at the Minneapolis Star Tribune goes into detail. I’m not a bit surprised. For years I’ve been reading magazine articles that tell me I’d better get ready for the wireless explosion, and that soon wireless users would outnumber “wired” users. What were they thinking? Do portable TVs outnumber home TVs? Do mobile phones outnumber home/office phones? I’m sure wireless ‘net access will be commonplace in the future, as well as being a great geek toy now, but don’t expect it to replace desktop computers. Incidentally, my wife, a real estate agent, actually uses the wireless Web to look up listings for clients. She’s the only one I know who actually has a practical use for it…

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