Microsoft Begins Appeal Process

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Microsoft heads back to court today for their appeal in the antitrust case. CNNfn has a good summary of what’s going on. Meanwhile, ZDNet’s David Coursey’s very silly article begs for forgiveness for poor Microsoft. Coursey says that consumers “voted with their wallets” for a “Microsoft Standard”. I certainly voted, but I wasn’t aware that there were any other candidates. Isn’t that the whole point? He also says that Microsoft’s past behavior “has been rendered irrelevant” because they’ve already won the battles with Netscape, Apple, and so on. Apparently antitrust is well and good as long as you win before the courts make their decision. Personally, I’m not sure I’d vote for a breakup of Microsoft. I don’t see how it could do much good at this point, unless it could take effect five years ago. But something needs to be done.

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