Microchip implants the latest fashion?

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Some company called Applied Digital is getting way too much attention for their microchip implant ID technology. Aside from the frightening implications, what’s the big deal? My dog already has one. NewsFactor’s article is rational and evenhanded, while the LA Times article gleefully mentions Kevin Warwick and quotes a “futurist” who says teenagers will love it.

3 responses to “Microchip implants the latest fashion?”

  1. Chazza Dredge says:

    blah blah blah

  2. jim clint says:

    the microchip implant “WILL” be the mark of the beast. See Revelation 13;16-18. are you born again ?

  3. Eli Gottlieb says:

    Nice try whoever posted number 2. That joke’s already been done about RFID chips. But it is quite funny.

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