February 3, 2002

Online Mugging? What’s next?

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Newsfactor network has an article about credit theft online that, while otherwise reasonable, uses the term “Online Mugging” in the headline. I’m sure “Online Assault with a Deadly Weapon” isn’t far behind. I love the media.

Couch potatoes take note

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CNET reports on the debut of another home grocery-delivery service – this one’s run by Safeway, who, unlike the dear departed Webvan, happen to have a huge fleet of grocery stores handy already. This may make them a bit more realistic.


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The headlines are working again. Please go about your business. Nothing to see here.

February 2, 2002

A note about our Headlines

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You may have noticed that some of the headlines aren’t updating at the moment. I should have this working again in a day or two, and some major improvements are planned later this month.

February 1, 2002

When Web Ads Attack

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According to an MSNBC article, ABCNews.com and Weather.com are among the latest companies using intrusive Web ads that slow you down or roam all over your screen. It seems like something like this is announced every few months, and there’s never a followup article saying how successful the new ads were. I wonder why.

What is a McWhortle and where can I get one?

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The SEC has apparently been playing a little educational joke by setting up a phony Website for McWhortle Enterprises, creators of an amazing biohazard detector. According to the Finance News article, they’ve set up “at least two other” fake sites. I suspect that mLife is one of them.

Still no Internet patron saint

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CNN has an article on Pope John Paul II’s opinion of the Internet, and mentions that the Catholic church is “reportedly searching for a patron saint of Internet users.” I’m not falling for that this time.

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