Comcast doubling cable-modem speeds

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Comcast, my current broadband provider, is apparently planning to double their bandwidth for most customers to 3mbps. Are they competing with other providers in numbers alone, or do some of their customers actually need that speed? I hate to sound like a Luddite, but I don’t even max out my cable modem’s current speed 99% of the time. I’d rather they spent the money reducing downtime or hiring someone to answer their phones.

One response to “Comcast doubling cable-modem speeds”

  1. Cal the speed freak says:

    Down time hasn’t really been a problem for me and most I know. Any you can never have enough speed. And maybe by them increasin speed, people wont experience so much lagging when playin pc,xbox, or playstation online. Let them run their business….Maybe u should just get dial-up ;)

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