RSS to NNTP gateway

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Gary Lawrence Murphy points to a beta RSS gateway that will allow you to read RSS feeds in an old-school NNTP newsreader. If this caught on, he points out that NNTP would solve many of the bandwidth problems of RSS.

My problem with the whole idea is that there isn’t a single Windows NNTP newsreader with a decent user interface. RSS readers, on the other hand, are getting better and better – I’ve recently been very impressed by FeedReader and FeedDemon. (I never actually use either one, but that’s a topic for later.)

2 responses to “RSS to NNTP gateway”

  1. Franko says:

    I’ve used this NNTP program and I love it… it’s also free and not spyware :D

  2. Andi says:

    hmm, maybe a little bit late, but have you tried the newsreader built in Mozilla/Thunderbird ?

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