Official Digital Camera of the Internet?

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Someone in one of the Digital Photography Review forums pointed out this press release in which Pentax USA proudly proclaims that its cameras are "The Official Digital Camera of the Internet." It’s brilliant, really–they would have had to pay to be "The Official Digital Camera of Major League Baseball," but since the Internet belongs to everybody and nobody, they can claim whatever they want.

This is the most ridiculous bit of dot-com silliness I’ve seen in years, and I don’t think it will take long for Pentax to become The Official Laughing-Stock of the Internet.

In other news, taking Pentax’s lead, I’m officially declaring "The Official Weblog of the Internet." I was first, nobody else can do it.

2 responses to “Official Digital Camera of the Internet?”

  1. Obbop says:

    I view that lame self-centered Pentax ad with so much disgust I hereby proclaim a personal boycott of all Pentax products. I will never purchase ANY of their products. Ever.

    A pox on Pentax.

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