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A post at SXSWblog (and another at a.wholelottanothing) reminded me that wireless networking at most hotels and conference centers isn’t encrypted, and the last thing you want to do is attend a conference with a thousand geeks, all of whom know how to run a packet sniffer, without some sort of protection.

The post recommended a service called HotSpotVPN, which is an encrypted VPN you can connect to through the public network. I just signed up – the sign up process is quick and easy if you have a Paypal account handy, and the first week of service is free. It’s $8.88 a month after that.

They also have some cute Flash movies to demonstrate the VPN setup process, which was very simple. (I recommend watching the whole movie before trying to follow along–the person who recorded them talks and moves the mouse rather quickly.)

I also thought I’d try their affiliate program, so if you sign up through this link I’ll make a small commission.

5 responses to “Wireless hotspot security with HotSpotVPN”

  1. Tom Clark says:

    We offer a like service at http://personalvpn.com

    I’m biased. I think it is the best.

  2. John de Wardt says:

    Tom Clark’s service at http://personalvpn.com is excellent. Unlike the other gentleman, I do not get any commission. I just tell it like it is to help others get the best service.

  3. Bob Matteo says:

    PersonalVPN is an excellent service that addresses the problem of security at hot spots. I don’t get a commission, either, but as a long-time user of VPNs, I feel strongly about their value and that http://PersonalVPN.com fills that requirment.

  4. Michael says:

    Wow, two people in a row that are strangely enthusiastic about a product and go out of their way to mention that they aren’t affiliated with the company. What are the odds?

  5. Tom Clark says:

    Itís not strange at all. We have lots of satisfied customers. You may want to visit Bob’s site at Bear-claw.com or John’s at deWardt.com.

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