Quick Review: CSS Pocket Reference

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I have an embarrassingly-large collection of O’Reilly’s Pocket Reference books on my desk. They’re the best value for money of any computer book, and I find them more handy than online references in many cases. I’ve probably referred to Eric Meyer’s CSS Pocket Reference more than any other pocket reference. The only trouble was that it didn’t include up-to-date information about CSS2. Now that there’s a new edition that covers all of CSS2 and 2.1, I’ll be using it even more.

The new edition has grown to 128 pages, perhaps a bit bulky for many pockets. It includes simple down-to-earth descriptions for all of the CSS properties in alphabetical order, just like the previous version. The only thing missing are the browser support charts. While I understand the philosophy behind leaving these out, and the next-to-impossible task it would have been to assemble them in the current browser climate, I will definitely miss them.

Along with the alphabetical reference section, the first section of CSS Pocket Reference has the shortest, most accessible explanations of selectors, inheritance, and the box model I’ve ever seen, and I refer to this section almost as much as the property reference. If you have $10 and use CSS, this book is highly recommended.

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