MarkDown vs. WYSIWYG

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When I write for The JavaScript Weblog, I get to use Weblogs Inc.’s nice backend interface, which includes a WYSIWYG editor. Working with it makes me miss the WYSIWYG editor I had hacked into this site before I switched to WordPress.

So, I’ve been thinking of adding a WYSIWYG plugin to WordPress, but there are some issues with the current attempts, and I don’t have time to write my own plug-in. In the meantime, I’ve been using MarkDown to post the last few entries, and after getting used to the syntax, I like it almost as much as WYSIWYG. It’s even better in at least one way: it uses a standard text area, so it lets me type faster than any of the WYSIWYG solutions I’ve seen.

If you use WordPress, be sure to get the latest version of the PHP Markdown plug-in, as there are some issues with the version included in WordPress 1.2.

One response to “MarkDown vs. WYSIWYG”

  1. Yvonne Adams says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m in the process of switching (have switched, but not re-skinned or tweaked), so the timing perfect.

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