I won’t pay for *this* content

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A company called Research and Markets has released a report on the US Market for Subscription-based Websites. You can view a description of the report but the real thing will cost you $280. I normally would have no problem with that—really good research is worth money—but how good could it be based on their description?

Days of free web contents are over, when web surfers got a whole lot of something for entirely nothing; from sending free e-greetings to watch live video broadcasts of their favourite football team match without giving a damn to their wallet. These privileges has become history, nevertheless it would be remembered as a pleasant memories.

Now I realize that most of these errors are probably simple translation errors, but I have to assume that if they spent so little time and effort on editing the description, they probably didn’t spend enough time researching and fact-checking the report. On top of that, they just published a press release about this report despite the fact that it appears to have been written in January 2003.

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  1. Tina says:

    I always check the URL for press releases. It might be snobbish, but I don’t usually give much credence to those coming from “prnewswire.com,” since it’s a free service (which, according to the email is about to become history) and it’s the free service that brought us the Andy Kaufman hoax.

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