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I recently switched to the Sony-Ericsson T610 phone from T-Mobile. It’s a great phone, it lets my Palm handheld get online via Bluetooth, and you can’t beat the price. However, there is one thing that annoyed me terribly. While the phone comes with about ten choices of ringtones, only one of them sounds like a ringing phone. You have a choice of a number of electronic tunes that sound like video game noises, or cheesy musical selections that sound like MIDI demos circa 1980.

Fortunately, T-Mobile has around 1000 ringtones available for purchase and download. They have extra-cheesy MIDI versions of all the latest pop hits and an astounding collection of classics ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody to Theme from Knight Rider. Unfortunately, not a single one of them sounds like a ringing phone.

Since my wife has the same phone, we really wanted two different ring sounds. Fortunately, after an extensive Google search, I found this page at my610 with four nice professional ringtones. Since it was hard to find that page amongst all of the cellphone and ringtone dealers, I loaded the title of this post with keywords. Maybe it will help someone else restore sanity to their T610. Presumably these will work on some other phones as well.

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  1. tepas says:

    That seems to be the way with most phones these days and it’s getting really irritating. My oldish Nokia comes with two or three normal rings amongst about thirty silly tunes. Even my home phone has one or two semi-normal rings amongst twenty odd silly tunes. Maybe there’s hope for the future with polyphonic ringtones: we should be able to find an old phone which still rings, and just sample it!

  2. Bill says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I received a new Nokia recently and the only normalish choice I had was a beep sound that I could barely hear. My partner’s Nokia doesn’t have anything close to a plain phone ring so she just uses the Nokia Theme tune which we both find aggravating (not to mention tacky). I’ve almost resorted to recording my old phone ring but I think these should work ok. I bet if someone put together a package of professional sounding ringtones it would sell like hotcakes. Thanks for the post!

  3. NDG says:

    Been looking for this all night. Thanks much.

  4. Mike says:

    THANK YOU! I was searching in Google for exactly this — and you provided it for me. I love normal ringtones :)

  5. J beyer says:

    Intereted in “normal” ringtones, but could not access-listen to samples? any idea why not?

  6. craig brickman says:

    help me please..I am going crazy trying to find a professional sounding classic ring tone,,,any ideas?

  7. Felix says:

    Thank you! I finally can get my sanity back! Ugh, it is impossible to find a plain normal ringtone these days. My Nokia 6610i does not have a single plain and simple one on it. This is so irritating. Thanks for the link!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Thank you! You have provided a great service with this post.

  9. george says:

    i have spent 3 days looking for a normal ring, someone should let the phone people know that we are not all teenagers

  10. Jose says:

    Hey fortunately I am not the only crazy one looking for normal ringtones… i am from Guatemala but do you know where can I find normal ringtones at least in internet?? I have a samsung telephone… Does the webpage where you find the normal ringtones is only for that phone? does somebody know?

  11. Chris says:

    Mate, you are a lifesaver!! At last, some normal ringtones. When will the companies learn that many people want a phone to sound like, well, a P-H-O-N-E…! Hey let’s all pool money together, start up a normal ringtone business, retire to the Caribbean? LOL

  12. Blog Jones says:

    THANK you so much! Found you via Google; this is just what I’ve been looking for.

  13. john says:

    can anyone help me find a normal, old style ring tone for the NEC e616!!!

  14. Luke Williams says:

    Excellent ! Went out and got the Samsung D500..its got everything apart from a decent “old school” ringtone!! I’m no stick in the mud but sometimes you just want to hear “ring ring” not the latest tune by “The streets” when someone calls. I’ll keep checking to see if you come up with any more useful ideas

  15. surrenderyoursushi says:

    I am with you folks, ringtones seem to be aimed at the 12-21 year old crowd. So for the rest of us?? Anyone have any leads on normal professional ringtones for Nokia phones? (mine is the 6010)

  16. jennyfer says:

    i can´t find ringtones for my country, this is so bad, in very mad about that.

  17. Aj says:

    Hey, I’m a teenager! Lol, but the classic ring is what I want too. Oh, surrenderyoursushi, try http://www.zedge.no, you can upload midis to your phone at no extra charge. Not all of the midis work, but I downloaded the ones at the site he posted, and I’m about to try them.

  18. dbarua says:

    I scoured high and low for a normal “ring ring” tone, instead of all the silly and wierd ringtone. I have tried changing my phone but couldn’t stop tearing my hair apart (what little i have!) – I am fed up with all the aggravating noise polluting ringtones (hUH!).Googling also didn’t help almost all ringtone sites are crazy – they expect me to fork out out good money for silly irritating tunes. Really! though, I will gladly pay 10 times more for a nice simple ring ring.Now i seem to have found kindred spirits. Lead Kindly Light!!

  19. Colm says:

    just purchased a nokia 6020 – nice phone but only 2 fixed tones on it – i just want the ring ring tone i had on my 6100 – anyone be able to help?

  20. Daniel Alter says:

    I was very happy to find this post! I am anoyed with all the rings my samsung x426 came with and im looking for some slick business style rings that aren’t going to sound like a frekin japanese arcade on crack! quite frankly they are embarassing. Thank you !

  21. andrewduke says:

    Wahay for that! Yer i am a teenager and i think it would be so kool to have an actuall “ring” tone so thanks alot

  22. Henry says:

    Oh thank God! I can’t believe they shipped this phone without any basic normal ring tones on it. Many thanks for this posting

  23. Mishal says:

    My Nokia 2600 does not have WAP….how do I get these normal ringtones? HELP!!! I am going insane with all the music around me…

  24. David says:

    My faith is now restored in the general public. I just want a phone that sounds like a phone. Not a Rap artist or Country Singer. The more professional ring tones I can get the happier I am. Thanks to all of you.

  25. David says:

    Any chance a guy can get business ringtones for a Treo 600?

  26. Jude says:

    Ok thats great but how do I get it from my computer to the phone -maybe I should change my name to clueless

  27. Crax says:

    Normal Ringers!!!

  28. Justin says:

    Thanks so much! Nine months later, this post is still helping people reclaim our sanity!

  29. NoSoupForYOu says:

    Normal ringtones of the world Unite!!!!!!!!

  30. Greg says:

    About time !! After 2 days looking for something resembling a normal ring… I found it !

    Thanks for the post !!

  31. Joana says:

    Thanks a lot! I’d been looking for ages for a normal ringtone, and finally I found it!… :)

  32. Wynn Magnusson says:

    There’s a UK ringtones website that ONLY does ringtones that sound like telephones at http://www.soundslikeaphone.com. It’s kinda hokey, but it doesn’t look like a hard-sell deal. The tones are really cool British type phones too. Later, Wynn

  33. Hi there, I’m the person behind http://www.soundslikeaphone.com. It’s good that someone else noticed it so soon! I started this website precisely because I was really annoyed that I couldn’t find a decent selection of normal, business ringtones for my mobile phone. At most, there seems to be one per phone. This means that you’re stuck with the same one that most other mature adults go with (so you reach for your pocket every time another cellphone with the same “ring-ring” goes off). Because of this, we’ve got ring tones that are limited edition – 5,000 downloads worldwide, then we delete the tone.

    As your forum’s so vibrant, I’d really appreciate you having a look at the site and telling me what you think.

    With best regards, Andrew Missingham Founder Soundslikeaphone.com

  34. Galen says:

    Hey, many thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers.

  35. martin says:

    Thanx man

  36. Jason says:

    These ringtones are exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

  37. Jerry says:

    Same problem with pocket pc´s including a cell phone. But I found a really nice package on Pocketgear.com for this. Business – Professional ringtone collection. This one is includin real ringtones. And as weel, future ringtones that will sound like ringtones. Ok, not for nothing but really nice !

  38. pacman says:

    you can find ringtones for guatemala in http://www.celumanix.com.

  39. Seb says:


    i tried to visit http://www.soundslikeaphone.com and could not locate anything – could you help me locate these ring tones please

  40. jimm says:

    I had a problem at the website as well. Is it shut down? Know of any other sites for ‘Normal’ Tones?

  41. Jessica says:

    I tried the http://www.soundslikeaphone.com and didn’t see anything about ring tones. I too am in search of a ‘normal’ ring tone. The Samsung A950 has awful ringers. All 5 or so of them.

  42. Hi Seb, Jimm and Jessica. How strange. The website is working for me here. Have another go. It hasn’t been offline to my knowledge. If you have problems again, try the many aliases that also point to the website. Try http://www.soundlikeaphone.com, or http://www.ordinaryringtones.com, or http://www.soundslikeaphone.co.uk They all point to my soundslikeaphone site.

    Any problems, email me direcly.

    Best, Andrew

  43. dcs says:

    Thanks! It is nearly impossible to find “normal” sounding ringtones these days. My phone (Samsung x426) has about a dozen annoying melodies and sound effects but not even a single regular ringtone! I had to buy a datacable just so I could change it! It’s pretty evil that they force consumers to use the most irritating of noises unless they “choose” to purchase ringtones from the service provider. Thanks again!

  44. Ron Farrell says:

    THANKS bunches! Got a Nokia 6102 and the only ring it has is the Cingular ring. I wanted something I could hear when I was in the shower! I couldn’t even find what I was looking for to PURCHSE! Again, THANKS!

  45. Martyn Webb says:

    Many, Many Thanks, I’ve got a nokia 6030 and there was not a single normal (i.e. telephone ringing) ringtone on there. In travel around a lot of customers offices and it was getting embarrassing with the Nokia Theme Tune. (or any of the other options on there).

    Again, many thanks.

  46. John Mandrake says:

    Hia i too am sick of silly childish ringtones, do they not think adults may use mobiles aswell, nice wrok though you have saved me alot of time, and time is money so i supose you saved me that too… very grateful

  47. grannyd says:

    I called Nokia and was told that the Providers load their own ringtones which does away with the preloaded ones among which are “normal” ringtones.

    One more reason I really resent Corporate America telling me what I should do/use/buy etc… My head hurts trying to figure a way around this.


  48. Jenny says:

    Fantastic idea. The pre-loaded tones on my phone are so unprofessional. It does not make a good impression with clients! Thanks for your help – I have told so many people about this website!!

  49. Ryan says:

    Common, those ringtones at soundslikeaphone are horrible. I’m a consultant and would never use any of those on my phone. Especially considering that you have to pay for them.

    The business ones mentioned above are not bad but I’ll stick to vibrate for now.

  50. pauly says:

    Thanks so much dude

  51. Anne says:

    Please can you let me know name of this web site with ordinary ringtone for Nokia 6610i.

    Many thanks Anne

  52. david says:

    hey thanks man lookin for something like this for weeks

  53. georget says:

    The Nokia 6030 in the T-Mobile prepaid kit has both an office phone type ringer, and a ringing bell type phone. Very passable.

  54. Clifton says:

    Wow Duke!



    Ever since seeing “The Exorcist” (filmed in 1972?) here at Duke one Halloween and watching the 20-somethings jump when, from a black screen, a LOUD old-school phone causes the mother to turn on the light to answer and display a rotary(!) phone up close to the camera (and then watch those same college kids scratch their heads like, “What is THAT?”), I have been searching, to no avail, to find a minimalist retro basic ringtone like I heard growing up, from the black phone with the rotary dial that weighed a ton and would shatter if you dropped it (like unto my beige rotary land-line I got for $1 at a local thrift store!)–a counterpoint to all these nauseatingly cutsie-pie cloying dippity-dippity-doot-doot sounds going off all over the city bus when I ride it!

    Especially like the even more old-school British ringtone!


    Thanks so ding-dang much again!


    –Clifton Toth, a.k.a. Frugal Freak #1

  55. Doug says:


  56. Jay Holler says:

    Yeah man, thanks so much for this! Ringtones suck, real telephone ringing is what I need.

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