Google’s amazing expanding index

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The search engine size war in review:

Anyone who works with large databases knows that “number of items” can be a very vague concept. Google’s number of items could vary depending on whether they decide to include or reject things like duplicates, obvious spam, malformed pages, newly crawled pages, and so on. Considering that they must index millions of new pages every day, it amuses me greatly that the “number of pages” at the bottom of the search page only changes when it’s convenient for marketing purposes.

2 responses to “Google’s amazing expanding index”

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    After the initial problem of their servers being overloaded with “please come back later” messages I managed to perform a few test searches.

    Well, having had a play with some ke…

  2. richardb says:

    ummmmm interesting last comment!

    Good to see that G & M$ are concentrating on quality, Not! Small indexes with quality info would be the way forward, forget 8 billion pages of dross… I’ve read them and they are,nothing but. Get a grip!!!!! ,

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