10 tech terms of 2004

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The end-of-year lists continue. ITworld.com has an entertaining article by James Lewin on 10 new tech terms for 2004:

2004 has been an especially rich year for new techno-jargon. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a guide to some of the terms that made it big this year.

While the list includes such obvious memes as “phish”, “offshored”, and “podcasting”, some are a bit more obscure. The word “gatesed” (meaning affected negatively by microsoft) only appears a few times in Google, the word “mouselexia” appears only once, and the word “netlag” means something else to us geeks. But it’s fun nonetheless.

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2 responses to “10 tech terms of 2004”

  1. Laura Moncur says:

    I’ve never seen nor heard the word mouselexia before today. I think he was stretching to get 10 items. Ok, he had 11 items, but I still think he was stretching…

  2. I was originally going to accuse him of making some of them up, but I did find at least one prior reference for all of them.

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