Fitaly Keyboard for Palm

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I’ve always loved the Palm platform for handheld computers, but I never really learned to like the Graffiti writing system. It was always a struggle, scribbling a character then erasing it then trying again. And when I finally became slightly proficient at Graffiti, they replaced it with Graffiti 2 in my new Palm.

So I’m very happy there’s the fitaly keyboard from Textware Solutions. They’ve designed a layout of “keys” to work optimally with a stylus. I don’t know how optimal it is, but I do know that after very little practice, I can type 25 wpm on the palm with Fitaly. My speed with Graffiti was somewhere in the single digits at best, and you should have seen me try to type the letter Q or an @ symbol.


They make stick-on keyboard templates that cover the Graffiti area on most palms. For my Tungsten T3, I use FitalyVirtual, a soft version of the keyboard that pops up instead of the virtual Graffiti area. It’s easy to switch back to Graffiti, but in the three months since installing FitalyVirtual I haven’t found that necessary.

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