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The Quotations Page has supported RSS for several years—in fact, our Quotes of the Day RSS feed is currently #10 on Bloglines’ list of most popular feeds, and it appears as a default in a number of news readers. Nonetheless, people have been emailing me asking if we have an RSS feed. This isn’t surprising, since the details about the feeds were buried at the bottom of this page.

So, I’ve finally made a few changes in an effort to make the feeds for Quotes of the Day and our lesser-known Motivational Quotes of the Day a bit more visible. I added the ever-popular orange XML icon and subscription buttons for Bloglines, Yahoo, etc. below the current day’s quotations on each page, and added the appropriate <link> tags for RSS autodiscovery.

I’m also experimenting with Feedburner to take some of the RSS load off of our server and produce some useful statistics. Another benefit of Feedburner is that it provides a nicely-styled RSS page to browsers, so if you click on the XML icon you get some useful instructions instead of raw XML code. I’ll post more about Feedburner after I’ve tried it for a few days.

One response to “Making RSS more visible”

  1. Ek.H says:

    Very nice. Might you at some point also add the author’s year of birth and year of beath in your feed ? Seems it’s the only difference between what you get on the page and in the feed. And it would be nice to have it in the feed also :)

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