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Django is a new web framework for the Python language created by Adrian Holovaty, Simon Willison, and Jacob Kaplan-Moss. I suspect this is going to become as popular as Ruby on Rails in no time at all. Judging from the overview, this looks pretty easy to learn. I actually understand most of the code, despite knowing almost nothing about Python.

It just launched today, so the documentation is a bit sketchy, but it looks very interesting so far. The data modeling and the automatic administration interface look especially nice. Considering that most of my web sites are basically homemade content-management systems, it would be great to use a framework meant for the purpose.

I guess I should start learning Python…


3 responses to “Django – Python web framework”

  1. Thanks for the writeup, Michael. :-)

    Yeah, we’re working hard on documentation in preparation for our “official” launch later today. Stay tuned!

  2. James Ashley says:

    Python’s well worth learning. I know a lot of people who use it are also big Ruby fans, and I keep meaning to learn that language. Ruby on Rails has almost been enough to convince me to give it a go. Maybe with this I won’t have as much of a reason. (I try to constantly add new languages to my repertoire, but I just haven’t seemed to have time in ages).

  3. Yvonne Adams says:

    Lots of Django discussion today on the Ruby on Rails mailing list. Looks great and tested on the Lawrence sites.

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