SpamAssassin Configuration Generator updated

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Every now and then I notice a few spam messages creeping into my email inbox, which means it’s probably time to update my spam filter. SpamAssassin saves me from literally thousands of spam messages a day, but I’m still annoyed when I have to deal with a few personally.

I’ve been upgrading my local installation to SpamAssassin 3.1, and in the process I have updated my SpamAssassin Configuration Generator tool to work with version 3.0 and 3.1.

This tool is an easy way to create a SpamAssassin configuration file with some common settings. It has been linked from the documentation page for SpamAssassin for some time, and embarrassingly hasn’t worked with the current versions for the last year or so. As of now it’s finally up to date.

For those working with SpamAssassin 2.5x, the old version is still available.

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