Cool Firefox plug-in: Tab Mix Plus

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I’ve been using the tab browser preferences plug-in for Firefox ever since I switched to this browser. It (or more accurately, Firefox’s tab support) only has one thing that annoys me: I use Ctrl-W to close tabs, and sometimes I accidentally hit the key an extra time, closing the window. Searching for a solution to that, I found another tab extension, Tab Mix Plus, which replaces TBP and adds some useful features:

  • Undo close tab—It’s amazing how often this comes in handy.
  • Duplicate tabs—This creates a duplicate of the current tab, complete with back-button history. Very useful.
  • Open selected links in tabs—Select a block of text containing links, right-click, and instantly open every link in a tab. I use this every day with some of my site maintenance tasks.
  • Drag and drop reordering of tabs—I don’t need this often, but it’s a cool feature.
  • Display unread tabs in red—I tend to open tabs in the background for later reading. This feature highlights the ones I haven’t read yet. It also changes a tab’s title text to red when the page has updated, great for web applications.

Along with all of those features, it solves my original problem: you can set whether the hotkey closes the window when there is only one tab open.

This is an essential plug-in that completely replaces Tab Browser Preferences. It works well on both my PC and MacOSX laptop, and I have yet to experience any kind of crash. I know some of these features are going to be included in Firefox 1.5 without an extension, but until then Tab Mix Plus is very handy.

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