March 23, 2002

Kevin Warwick grabs more publicity

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The headline of the CNN Story reads Scientists test first human cyborg, which sounds fascinating until you discover that it’s just Kevin Warwick again. Here’s a slightly more realistic viewpoint from New Scientist and a bit of Warwick history from The Register.

The universe is beige. I knew it.

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Earlier this year, New Scientist and CNN reported that scientists had determined the true color of the universe to be a pale turquoise, mint chocolate color. Now it turns out that they were wrong – it’s beige . It figures. I’m keeping the mint choc color for anyway.

March 22, 2001

Mir Falls to Earth

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The space station Mir fell to earth moments ago, apparently somewhere near its target in the South Pacific. Here’s a summary from New Scientist. Watch this space for links to followup articles.

February 19, 2001

Fox TV has a Bridge to Sell You

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FOX TV recently aired a special that claims, using lots of oh-so-scientific evidence, that the NASA moon landing was a hoax. Anyone who took it seriously should read this.

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