August 27, 2001

Microsoft hires fictional “Lobbyists”, completes Win XP

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Microsoft has apparently been spamming state representatives, with letters from supposed concerned citizens. The trouble is that the citizens were coerced or duped into sending them, or sometimes weren’t even real people. Meanwhile, the Judge has been named for the penalty phase of the anti-trust appeal, and Microsoft is rushing Windows XP out the door so it won’t be affected.

August 25, 2001

Figby takes another break

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As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I haven’t posted anything here for well over a month. Busy writing a book about DHTML, which I will post more information about soon. I’ll try to visit my poor abandoned sites more often from now on.

Cringely: Roll your own DSL

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Robert X. Cringely has an interesting article on Roll your Own DSL. If you don’t have DSL but do have access to a fat pipe elsewhere and a surprisingly high tolerance for spending hours on the phone with the phone company, this could be the answer.

The Web: Living up to its potential?

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Have you ever had a simple question about a company and had absolutely no luck finding the answer on their site? I was reminded of how often this happens just now when I tried to find out when the Fall TV season starts. (more…)

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