January 23, 2003

A new rise in Google abuse

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I’m the webmaster of The Quotations Page, which ranks highly on Google. I’ve been getting more and more inquiries from people who want to “buy links” on my pages. I sell banner and text ads, but what they want is a hard link. The idea here is to exploit my page’s rank in Google for the good of theirs – and of course, theirs is usually selling Propecia or cheap vacations. I have turned down five of these people, offering over $500, in the last month, and this appears to be a growing trend. (more…)

January 9, 2003

Fun with Science

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I stumbled across the Science Toys site the other day. Author Simon Field presents well-written plans for science projects such as a simple electric motor and a simple gauss rifle. I built the film can cannon yesterday and it works nicely. (It runs on Binaca!) A well-done site that will entertain kids, or immature adults like me, for days.

Note about RSS Headlines

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I apologize for removing the RSS listings and headlines pages from this site. I was trying to make this site a comprehensive directory of RSS sources, but places like Syndic8 have done a better job of that. As for displaying customized headlines, NewsIsFree does a great job of that. My features paled by comparison and I didn’t have time to make them better. In the future, if I have a great idea for a new way of presenting headlines, I may bring them back.

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