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While at , I tried to keep track of everyone I met and talked to. I was not entirely successful, but nonetheless here’s the nearly-complete list of everyone I met in Austin this year. This list is XFN-compliant, so someday it might be useful for social network analysis or some sort of “Six degrees of Jeffrey Zeldman” game.

First off, here’s the list of people I met last year and had a chance to talk to again this year:

Simon Willison, Yvonne Adams, Jeremy Dunck, Jason Calacanis, George Kelly, Alex Russell, Nick Finck, Anil Dash, Dave Shea, Molly Holzschlag, Matt Haughey, Kevin Cheng, Eric Meyer

Second, the list of new people I met this year:

Robert Scoble, Meri Williams, Elly Thompson, Andrew Jaquith, Ka-Ping Yee, Kimberly Blessing, Steve Chipman, Kate Chipman, Karina Longworth, Rebecca Hurd, Chris Baker, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Adrian Holovaty, David Ryan, Richard Rutter, Kevin Wen, John Pratt, Dinah Sanders, Jon Hicks, Jeffrey Zeldman, Keith Hall, Craig Newmark, Don Turnbull, Eric Rice, Amit Malhotra, Craig Ogg, Dan Gillmor, Craig Cook, Thomas Vander Wal, Steve Turnidge, Aaron Boodman, Jock Gill, Gokul Rajaram, Charles M. Smith, Bill Flitter, Henry Copeland, Phil Kaplan, Will Pate, Lockhart Steele, Sergio Villareal, Anders Pearson, Jenifer Hanen

As always, there were lots of people I missed talking to. In a way, every SXSW is a very fast succession of missed opportunities—for every panel you see, there are four or five you’re missing, and for every person you talk to there are lots of interesting people you’re missing. Nevertheless I had a great time—thanks very much to everyone I spent time with there, because the conversations with smart people who are just as excited about this whole web thing as I am are even more valuable than the panels.

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  1. stefan says:

    I find this seite really well does properly joke to yourself here to look around. I will come again on jedenfall. Further so good infos agrees mann, unfortunately, nich always.


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