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May 9, 2006

New JavaScript Book

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If you’ve wondered about the light posting here for the past few months, I’ve been busy writing a book. While I always fancy myself able to multitask, writing books seems to consume my time and brain power until I lose track of everything else. If you or your email is one of the things I’ve lost track of, I apologize. I’m much better now.

At any rate, I present Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours, 4th Edition. This is the biggest rewrite since the original edition of the book in 1999. The previous edition was published in 2002, and JavaScript has come a long way since then. I’m happy to finally have an edition of the book that catches up with the latest developments.

Along with the typical updates, this book has some new material on Ajax, JavaScript libraries, Greasemonkey, and new debugging tools. I’ve also replaced many of the examples, and fixed most of the ones that remain to be modern, unobtrusive scripts. There’s also a chapter called “Unobtrusive Scripting”, an emphasis on web standards, and a near-complete lack of the term DHTML.

I think it turned out pretty well. The new book will be available in July or August. I’ll be posting more about it here before then. I’ll also be redesigning my equally antiquated JavaScript Workshop site before the readers of the new edition arrive and laugh at it.

Now that I have time, I’m going to give my websites some much-needed attention. I will post here frequently with “behind the scenes” looks at the work I do running the sites. Stay tuned.

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