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I posted recently about the 10-year anniversary of my oldest site, The Quotations Page. I noticed today that it’s been four years since I first launched this weblog on January 16th, 2001.

When this site first appeared it had no traffic, as is typical with new sites. It also had a table-licious design, some home-made weblog software, and a rather serious case of delusions of grandeur. I thought I was going to out-do Slashdot with my coverage of tech news, despite only typing one paragraph whenever I felt like it. I also built a membership-based RSS aggregator into the site, something I like to think would have turned into Bloglines if I had the time and the venture capital.

At any rate, at some point I decided this site would focus on the one thing I was truly an expert on: my own opinions. In 2004, I managed to post at least once per month, something I had not accomplished in any previous year.

This year I’m taking online writing seriously, and for the last two weeks I’ve met my goal of one post per weekday. If all goes well I’ll post more this month than I did in entire years past, and as I get the hang of this thing I’m already getting better traffic. Here’s to many more prolific years!

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  1. Andrew says:


    I am intereted in your comment re: membership based RSS.

    By this do you mean a secure RSS feed for members only? I would be intested in how you were implementing this. As I am looking for a simple messaging system that we can use to notify individual members that is not e-mail based.



    PS: on IE 6.0 SP1 which I have in the office your form is running under the adjacent right-hand column hence the reason for all the hard returns in my message

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