RIP: NetLoad, automatic FTP sync

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For years I’ve used a Windows program called NetLoad to post updated files to my Web sites. It’s an automatic FTP client that does a pretty good job of uploading only the files that have changed. This sounds like a simple task, but I have never found any program as convenient. It’s shareware and I gladly paid for it.

Unfortunately, NetLoad is off the market. Its site has been replaced by this notice that NetLoad is no longer available, and that the source code and customer list is for sale for the absurd sum of $25,000.

So… I’m looking for a new tool to deploy files to my servers. In the meantime, Google found the NetLoad download page, now unlinked, so I can at least get it working on my new PC.

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  1. I discovered that WS-FTP Pro has a “synchronize” tool that comes close. Unfortunately it makes a primitive comparison by timestamp, and misses updates sometimes. Sigh.

  2. Eric says:

    I found another software for FTP sync: FTPsync at Even trying from today, but looks quite stable and user friendly.

  3. Giles says:

    I’ve just moved to pc from a mac. great except i can’t find an ftp program out there as good as Panic’s Transmit? Any suggestions – I’m looking for file synchronization primarily.

  4. Kevin Mullen says:

    There’s a useful program called Crystal SiteUpdater. It’s now shareware in version 3, but you can download the freeware version 1 from this page: The link verification doesn’t work, but the FTP site synchronisation is good.

  5. Steve Carter says:


    I really miss Netload as well. I saved my original copy that I downloaded years ago but I cant get it to work.

    Ive tried Cute FTP but its very tedious, I really liked the auotmatic way that Netload worked.

    If anyone knows of a FTP program that works in a similar way I would love to hear about it.

    Steve Carter

  6. Bruce says:

    On the big end of the spectrum, there is a product called REPLI-WEB.

    We use it to keep 5 web sites replicated from a singe master server we call PUBLISH. On PUBLISH we have 5 directory trees the represent the entire site for each of the 5 servers. You put new files there as if you were sticking on the web server. Every 5 minutes (the timing we use) Repli-Web looks at whats new and checks the server and moves only the new stuff. if you wanted to remove something from your web site, just pull it from the PUBLISH server folder.

    We also use it to pull the web servers logs back down to the PUBLISH server for log analysis. And we use it to move some database backup files around from one server in our DMZ (protected web server area) area to our protected production server area on our corporate network without letting the DMZ servers ever see our production network. Sort of a safety net if you will.

    It is not a cheap home budget kind of product (well, no more so then a copy of Adobe Photoshop, or Premier, or a full copy of MS Office). But when you have more serious needs, and want to be able to set it up once and then just forget about it, this is that kind of product.


  7. James says:

    This is both software and service, but you can use your own FTP server if you want.

  8. I’m using a combination of find and ncftpput

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